KEY WORDS: The application of NANO-CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY is to implement the most powerful reaction of microns size NANO-PARTICLES in the form of NANO-CATALYST ADMIXTURES react with the cement major substance of 3CaO2.SiO3 (C3S), 2CaO2.SiO3 (C2S), 3CaO2Al2O3 (C3A) toward far better GEO POLYMERS specification of cement, mortar, concrete, & reinforced

The following is NANO-SERIES ADMIXTURES 1(3in1) pact 20 g /1bag 50 kg cement.

??? #01\portland STRENGTH: increase compressive strength (reduce water) or increase flow.
??? #02\portland DURAFLEX: increase bending, flexural strengths, vibration & anti-creep.
??? #03\portland PROTECT: protect water, salt, chemicals, bacteria, freeze/thaw & weather.
??? #04\portland PLASTICIZE: workability enhancer, bond ability enhancer & self-compact.
??? #05\portland RAPID: increase production & decrease forms work by ultra-rapid accelerator.
??? #06\portland PROLONG: increase transport able time, reduce mass concrete temperature.
??? #07\portland LAMINATE: skim coat, laminate decor, contour craft & adjust X Y exist.
??? #08\portland ADHESIVE: joint cement glue powder for ceramics, tiles, stones & concretes.
??? #09\portland GROUT: heavy duty non shrink grout against disinfecting bleach and bacteria. 
??? #10\portland INSULATE: energy saving by close cell cellular for heat, sound & fireproof.