Accelerating Admixture for Accelerate Setting Time, Increase High Early Strength & Long Term Strength of Cement Mortars & Concretes for the Application of Shorten Mold & Form Releasing Time, Shorten time to meet the Desired Load for Cast, Pre-Cast, Pre-stress, Post-Tension, Shorten time for Repair & Maintenance, & Increase Production Rate.


Comply with ASTM C 494 Standard Specification for Chemical Admixtures Type C Accelerating Admixtures. ASTM C 1600 Standard Specification for Rapid Hardening Hydraulic  Cement Type GRH & MRH General Rapid Harden & Medium Rapid Harden by mix with  Portland Cement ASTM C 150 Type 1 & 3 respectively.


Doses:  1 dose for Accelerator ASTM C 494 Type C

             2 Doses for Rapid Harden Cement ASTM C 1600 Type GRH & MRH by mixing with Portland Cement ASTM C

                150 Type 1 & 3 respectively.