PORTLAND  Plasticize


             PORTLAND  Plasticize Cement Plasters & Masonry Mortars for Toweling & Plastering as Bond-Workability Enhance Plasticizer, It can be Laying Brick, Casting, Stucco-Forming, Art Craving, especially on slippery or overhead surface, with High Durable, High Elastic, No Cracks, No Defect, & No Curing.


         For Concretes: Plasticizer for No Joint Seamless Floors, Cracks Free Terrazzo, Air Entraining Agent, Shooting & Pumping Aid, Water Retain, & Self Curing.


         Comply with ASTM C 1384 Admixtures for Masonry Mortars, (Bond Enhancer, Workability Enhancer, & Water Repellant)