PORTLAND Laminate Re-emulsify Powder Polymer Modifiers for Skim or Thin Layer Coating, Smooth Stucco Decoration, Hair-Lines/Cracks/Cavities/Stains Repairs, Art Craving, Dust-On Mold Printing, Panel Plane Adjustment, Plastic Film Protection, admix with Cements with/without Fine Aggregate. 


            Comply with ASTM C 1438 Standard Specification for Latex and Powder Polymer Modifiers for Hydraulic Cement Concrete and Mortar



Appearance          Plasticity, Slippery, Glossy, & Ultra-fine Laminate Membrane


Workability Enhancer    High Water Retain, Prolong Workable Time until Dry Set,


Bonding Enhancer          Ultra-High Bonding Strength from Old Surface to New one.


Water Repellant, Protective Coating   Weather Proof, Sun Ray & Ultra Violet Protection, Acid, Alkaline, Salt, Sea Environment, & Biotical Resistance.


Thickness    Range from Thin Skim Coating Film to Thick Layer Masonry


Durability   Long Life Coating


Doses:      1 Dose for all purpose cement mortars coating. 

                 Over doses for rubber print molding.