PORTLAND INSULATE   Gas generator for Light Weight Cellular Insulator Concrete with Waterproof, Fire-proof, Heatproof, Acoustic Sound-proof to save Electricity of Air Condition. Even Weight & Density is lower but Compressive Strength nearly the same as Normal Concrete by The Micro-Structure of Space Flame (Honey Comb shape). The Vibration Energy Absorption is better than Normal Concrete in general, then more suitable for use in Earth-Quake area.


           Comply with ASTM C 869 Standard Specification for Foaming Agents Used in Making Preformed  Foam for Cellular Concrete


Scanning Electro-Micro-Scope of Micro-Structure of High Strength Space Flame (Honey Comb) structure. 

               Doses: 1 Dose/ 1 bag 50 kg of Cement for Light Weight Cellular Concrete panel of heart proof, fire proof, sound proof. Pouring through the mixing water    immediately during mixing into Concrete. No extra devise or Mixer is needed