Fluidifier for Non shrink Ceramic Tile Grouting (1 Dose), Expand Joint Sealant for Brick/Cement/Mortar/Concrete Grouting (2 Doses), & Expand High Strength Concrete to Absorb Vibration of Machine Foundation Grouting, or Water Seepage Shut-Off Plug (3 Doses)


Comply with

ASTM C937 Standard Specification for Grout Fluidifier for Preplaced-Aggregate Concrete

ASTM C 1107 Standard Specification for Packaged Dry, Hydraulic-Cement Grout (Non shrink)


High Slippery Polymer Modified Colloid Powder  Waterproof, Weatherproof, Chemical Protection, & Biotical Protection  High Workability, Pump-able & Shot-able, High Water Retain, No Curing is needed  Self-Gas Generation for Non shrink/Expand Grouting.


Recommended Mix-Designed: (Both Mix in site or Packaged Dry Ready to Use)

Doses:         1  Dose Ceramic, Tile, or Stones (Non Shrink Grouting): Mortar Cement 1 bag (50kg) 

                    2  Doses for Expand Joint, & Sealant Concretes Grouting

                    3 Doses for Expand High Strength Concrete Grout to Absorb Vibration of Machine Foundation