It is a mortar fuel that is coated with chocolate on the ice cream bar using 2 dipping buckets. Pick up a new piece and place it instead. Then pick up the dip. Then picked up another piece instead Switch until the wall, fence or wall is finished.


Produce according to standards:

ASTM C 1384 Admixtures for Masonry Mortars (Bond Enhancer, Workability Enhancer, Water Repellent)

ASTM C 1438 Standard Specification for Latex and Powder Polymer Modifiers


  1. Adhesives are adhesive. Tightly attached to each side of the wet side or from pressing the wet top
  2. Polymer coating is waterproof from rain splashing, even as a hollow cavity block or aerated brick with air bubbles
  3. The dip in the cube and the cube In order to completely fill the surface of the rice to cover the pile of rice
  4. Get smooth skin without needing to put on or make Skim Coat again.
  5. No need to putty more than necessary Therefore saving many materials cost
  6. Picking and placing is done in one step. The work is much faster than general plastering. Enormous reduction in wages

Brick type: 

Can use all types of bricks, such as bricks, laterite bricks, compact bricks, light bricks, cement blocks, white bricks, clay bricks.

Mon brick will have smooth, beautiful skin without any additional decoration. If the size is accurate, can be built using robots instead of people


- Re-emulsify Polymers, Adhesive Polymers Elephant power and Nano Catalyst, Welding to create brick coating to make Skim Coat

- To form a putty on the skin, thin, waterproof, rainproof, anti-sun, and UV-proof.

Cement: Mixed cement (green cement), Mixed cement (green cement) mixed with metal oxide (Pigments), Portland cement (ASTM C 150), white cement, white cement mixed with metal oxide (Pigments), or mortar Color type

Ingredients: \portland WALL 1 sachet 100 grams per 50 liters of water. Pour 1 bag of cement mixed 50 kg. W / C Ratio 1: 1.

Tools:  Put rubber gloves on the side that the bricks touch, put together, compressing without touching the front or back skin.

Drug fillings:   To match the structure, use \ portland GROUT which is a Non Shrink Grout.

Consumption:  1 sachet 100 grams per 50 kilograms of cement.

Packing:  1 crate with 200 sachets.

Weight / crate: - 20 kg.