\PORTLAND PLAST for Masonry Mortars


\portland PLAST is water soluble polymeric powder admixture for Masonry Mortars

COMPLY WITH:  ASTM C1384 Standard Specification for Admixtures for Masonry Mortars

APPLICATION:  Rendering, Plastering, Brick laying

                         Leveling Seamless Flooring

                         Control Size of Aggregates as Anti-Slip or Anti-Skid Floor  

                         Combine High Abrasive Resistance Materials as Floor Hardener

                         High Water Retention, No need to Cure  

HOW:                From small batch to Do it You-Self (D.I.Y), or Ready-Mix Vehicle

                         From Hand Render to Machine Pump and Shot.



Admixtures Used

DOSES:      Bond Plast      1 Dose 0.25% of Cement/Binder Workability Plaster   1 Dose 0.25% of Cement/Binder

                  Set Accelerator    1 Dose 0.25% of Cement/Binder + 1 Dose 20g of \portland Rapid

                  Set Retarder        1 Dose 0.25% of Cement/Binder + 1 Dose 20g of \portland Prolong

                  Water repellent    1 Dose 0.25% of Cement/Binder + 1 Dose 20g of \portland Protect   


\PORTLAND Membrane

Thin Layer Skim Coating Polymers


            \PORTLAND Membrane   is ready to use as Ultra Smooth Thin Layer Skim Coat

Polymer Plaster Cement for mix with water or pigmented water to coat on cracks including

hairline cracks, stains, rough or coarse surface, and wall & panel angle adjustments.

             Polymer membrane has the properties of alkali resistance, acid resistance, water

permeability resistance, weather proof, biotical proof, UV light degradation resistance, bonding

& sealing adhesion properties



Usage:          Mix with mixing water and use

Packing:      20 kg / box




Exterior Hydrophobic Plasticizer


       \PORTLAND PROOF is exterior purpose for very high humidity & always rain plasticizer admixture for mortar, masonry,  and toweling including water repellent property of ASTM C 1384 Standard Specification for Admixtures for Masonry Mortars. It contained hydrophobic powder substance as Water Repellant and Anti-biotic more than the general standard \portland PLAST which already have Bond Enhancer, and Workability Enhancer properties with Normal Setting Time.  of ASTM C 1384 Standard.  



Rate of water absorption max % of reference 24 h             50 

Compressive strength, min% of reference

7 day                                                                                   85

28 day                                                                                 85

Water retention, min% of reference                                    100

Air content of plastic mortar%                                          ~15

Board life, min% of reference                                             120

Time of setting, allowable deviate from reference

Initial: at least not more than                                             1:00 earlier nor 3:30 later

Final: at least not more than                                              1:00 earlier nor 3:30 later

Flexural bond strength min% of reference                         110


USAGE: mix to the mixing water then pour to mix with cement and aggregate.

Dosage: 1 pack (100g) per 1 bag (50kg) cement

Packing: 200 packs  per box

Net weight: 20 kg  per box




\PORTLAND STUCCO is decorative plasticizer for ultra fine Portland cement base durable plaster in exterior & interior texture wall, fine art craving or molding.

\PORTLAND STUCCO as enhancer for working time, increase workability, Inter Bonding, water retention, high durability with protective polymers for water humidity, weather temperature and UV proof to comply with ASTM C1328 Standard Specification for Plastic (Stucco) Cement from Portland cement base type S and M is as the following.

Plastic Cement Type

Time of setting,Gillmore method:

       Initial set,  min, not less than 

       Final set, min, not more than 







Compressive strength (average of three cubes): not less than

       7  days,  Mpa (psi)

       28 days, Mpa (psi)


9.0 (1300)

14.5 (2100)


12.4 (1800)

20.0 (2900)

Air content of mortar:

       Min, volume %

       Max, volume %







Water retention value,min,%,of original flow



mix to the mixing water then pour to mix with cement and aggregate.

Dosage:     1 pack (100g) per 1 bag (50kg) cement

Packing:    200 packs per box

Net weight: 20 kg per box

Remark:    For extend further durability \portland  GLAZE Re-emulxtier  Acrylic Polymer is excellent to use as long lasting coating.