Dry Mix Shotcrete Admixtures Type 1


\PORTLAND  SHOT is 100% water soluble dry powder shotcrete admixtures comply with ASTM C 1141 Standard Specification for Admixtures for Shotcrete Type 1 Dry mix shotcrete or Type 2 Soluble to Wet Mix Shotcrete.

Selectable from the following grades & requirements:- ASTM requirements



ASTM Requirements

Grade1 Accelerating admixture, conventional

C 494 Type C or E

Grade 2 Retarding admixture

C 494 Type B or D

Grade 3 Pozzolanic admixture(Grade 1+separated Pozzolan)

C 618 , C 989 , C 1240

Grade 4 Metallic oxide admixture(Grade 1+separated Metallic iron)

C 494 Type F

Grade 5 Coloring admixture(Grade 1+separated color Pigment)

C 979

Grade 6 Organic polymer admixture

C 1438

Grade 7 Water reducing admixture           

C 494 Type F

Grade 8 Air entraining admixture

C 260

Grade 9 Accelerate admixture, quick setting

C 1102


  1. Fill the admixture into the mixing water & mix with cements, cement additives & aggregates.
  2. Or dry mix cements, cement additive, aggregates, admixtures before mix with mixing water.

DOSES:              1 pack 100 gm per 1 bag of 50 kg cement

PACKING:          200 packs per box                                       

NET WEIGHT:    20kg per box