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           PORTLAND RETAIN is a water retaining polymers powder for use as admixture in cement mortar and concrete.              It contains monomers that will co-polymerize when mixed with water to become gel of hydro-scooped of grafted co-polymers within the tiny pores of cement mortar and concrete mass.

           Event with only a very small amount is able to prevent the hydration loss due to the vapor evaporation cause by the temperature, sun-light and dry humidity of the surrounding and protect the mortar or concrete from strength loss due to not enough water for the reaction with cement. The maximum degree of hydration and the maximum strengths of the certain mix-designed can be able to developed toward the broader water-cement ratio range event the water-cement ratio deviate from the optimum ratio of the cement mortar or concrete for a certain extend.  This means the concrete mix-designers have more degree of freedom for their designation.

           Besides the water retaining property, it also provides more homogeneous, plasticity, workability, pump-ability, bonding-ability and anti-breeding properties without deviate the setting times and do not change the effect to other chemical admixtures. So it can be used as complementary to other set controlled and water reducing admixtures.

           Since it prevents hydration loss, so it eliminates the necessary to use water curing or the curing compound which use to spray to the surface of mortar cement or concrete and save both curing and labor costs.

The figure shows the pore-volume versus water-cement ratio as the following:

                       a)  complete hydration                           b)  Incomplete hydration              c)  With PORTLAND RETAIN polymer.


NORMAL DOSES5 to 10 gm. / 1 bag of 50 kg.  Cement (0.01 to 0.02% of Cement) for water retaining, workability and pump-ability.

USAGE: Mix PORTLAND RETAIN polymer with Cement, aggregates and then mix with mixing water.

PACKAGING:  20 kg / carton or 1 ton bag.