PORTLAND PUMP  Pumping – Aids For Concrete


Portland Pump is powder pumping-aids admixture for pumpable concrete and shortcrete for the following purposes :

  1. Make it posible for different or unable to pump mix designs.
  2. Eliminate the risk of pipeline blockage.
  3. Prevent concrete breeding during pumping or shoting.
  4. Prevent concrete segregation between cement and aggregates.
  5. Reduce pumping pressure of concrete pump.
  6. Increase pumpable distance and height.
  7. Increase pacing rate and flow volume
  8. Make it possible for small bore pump lines compare with larger size of aggregate.
  9. Ease of placing under water.
  10. Enlarge the boundary of mix design especially in case of low cement content mixes as the following :


Comparative of Portland Pump and Cellulose either pumping aids slump 75 mm. Water content 35% of combined aggregate in all mixes

Usage                      :  0.1 to 0.2 % of cement

Packing                  :  20 kgs/carton

Storage                   :  Keep dry, seal after used.