Exterior Hydrophobic Plasticizer


       \PORTLAND PROOF is exterior purpose for very high humidity & always rain plasticizer admixture for mortar, masonry,  and toweling including water repellent property of ASTM C 1384 Standard Specification for Admixtures for Masonry Mortars. It contained hydrophobic powder substance as Water Repellant and Anti-biotic more than the general standard \portland PLAST which already have Bond Enhancer, and Workability Enhancer properties with Normal Setting Time.  of ASTM C 1384 Standard.  



Rate of water absorption max % of reference 24 h             50 

Compressive strength, min% of reference

7 day                                                                                   85

28 day                                                                                 85

Water retention, min% of reference                                    100

Air content of plastic mortar%                                          ~15

Board life, min% of reference                                             120

Time of setting, allowable deviate from reference

Initial: at least not more than                                             1:00 earlier nor 3:30 later

Final: at least not more than                                              1:00 earlier nor 3:30 later

Flexural bond strength min% of reference                         110


USAGE: mix to the mixing water then pour to mix with cement and aggregate.

Dosage: 1 pack (100g) per 1 bag (50kg) cement

Packing: 200 packs  per box

Net weight: 20 kg  per box