Self Leveling Seamless Flooring Systems


          \Portland Leveling is one of the most economic method for self-leveling seamless flooring systems that covering on pre-placed concrete floor with polymer cement mortar thin layer membrane.


There are 3 systems for 3 different purposes as:

  1. TOPCOAT LAMINATED SYSTEM with and without pigments included.
  2. UNDER-LAYER SYSTEM for cover with ceramics, stones, wood, textiles, plastics. Such as marble, wood veneer, carpet, mosaic, etc.
  3. ANTI-SKID PAVEMENT SYSTEM with and without pigments included.


These systems contain three types of materials needed as:

  1. \Portland Level which is powder of polymer cement mortar when mixing with mixing water at 0.25 water/cement ratio or 25% by weight to become self-leveling slurry. After pouring to pre-placed concrete floor, the slurry will be widely spread and self adjust into zero slope level by gravitation force.
  2. \Portland Stick which is low viscous transparent liquid cement material, bonding fresh to harden concrete to enhance the ability of \Portland Level as:
    1. ENHANCE BOND-ABILITY For smooth surface of pre-placed concrete can be bonded without disruption to the pre-placed concrete surface with just dump rubbing of \Portland Stick before bonding fresh with \Portland Level to enhance the bonding strength.
    2. PROTECTIVE COATING \Portland Stick can also be used as transparent protective coating and sealer on the topcoat laminate system and the anti-skid pavement system after leveling with one or two cycles of just dump rubbing and let dry on the top surface.  The top surface will be semi gloss and more shinny.
  1. \Portland Glaze which is of transparent and glossy emulsion of high molecular weight polymer for protective coating against chemicals attack, wear, bacteria and water resistance.


Characteristics of these systems:

  1. Zero-slope leveling by gravitation force.



  1. Self-Leveling with gravitational force to zero slope horizontal level.
  2. No limited boundary area of seamless floor.
  3. Smooth laminate flat surface without concave or convex ideal for topcoat, under-lay or pavement.
  4. Water drainage to lower contour so the self leveling make it ideal for bathing room of no slope installation with and without tile as well as for no slope roof deck and out door flooring.
  5. Very thin membrane is needed (approx. 1 mm. min. for Topcoat laminate and under-layer, for anti-skid pavement 2.5 mm. min.) to cover the summit area of the floor.
  6. Extremely homogeneous high spread leveling (slump > 60 cm. At 0.25 water/ solid ratio or 25% by weight).
  7. Easily apply, can be DO IT YOURSELF products.
  8. High durability, high abrasive resistance and water proof.
  9. Heavy-duty high compressive and high bonding strength.



  1. Seal all application pre-placed concrete floor area.
  2. Rubbing the pre-placed concrete floor with just dump \Portland
  3. Mixing \Portland Level with 0.25 water/ solid Ratio or 25% by weight.
  4. Pouring from one side to another. (Bonding fresh when \Portland Stick still wet.)
  5. Use T bloom to sweep the adjacent pouring to connect together.
  6. Enough covering over the summit of pre-placed concrete floor area.
  7. Let the gravitation force to adjust the level to zero slope leveling.
  8. 24 hours later :
    • Topcoat: Coat with \Portland Glaze by using glass cleaning rubber sweeper.  
    • Under-layer: Start the floor covering process.
    • Anti-skid: Coat with \Portland Glaze by using glass cleaning rubber sweeper.