Transparent Acrylic Copolymers


          Portland Glaze is coating lacquer of Methyl Meta Acryl ate and Ethyl Acryl ate co-polymers diluted in solvent bases for general coating of cement mortar, concretes, stones, tiles, roof etc.



  1. Shinning and transparent appearances.
  2. Rigid and highly abrasive resistance coating film compare to other polymers.
  3. Excellent waterproof, chemicals and bacterial resistances.
  4. Prolong workable drying time and multi-layers-coating-able both new or re-maintenance.


Typical Properties:

Appearance:               Clear

Solids content:           25 ± 2 %

Solubility Solvents:     Toluene/Xylene

Viscosity:                   Between z and z4

Hardness:                  1 day B  and 7 days F

Drying Time:

Set to touch 7 hrs

Tack Free 13 hrs

Dry Hard 30 hrs