Concrete Curing Compound

\PORTLAND  CURE is liquid membrane curing compound for spray on the just lay down fresh concrete to keep on the hydration process to maintain until the last to provide enough mixing water needed for water cement reaction toward maximum solid hydrated which also the maximum strength of concretes.

It eliminates the evaporation of water moisture to protect against the drying shrinkage cracks cause by the internal stress.

During fresh concrete state it can protect the surface of concrete against raining water dump prove also. When concrete is harden, it gives a dust prove characteristic cause by eliminate the free lime of concrete and also adding up sealing film protection.

\PORTLAND CURE Type 1 (Clear or transparent) comply with ASTM C309 Type 1 and AASHO M148 Type1   

Type 1 application for no adverse residue on the concrete surface.   


APPLICATION: Spray single layer on just fresh concrete.

COVERAGE AREA: 150 to 200 sq. ft per gal

SHELF LIFE: More than 1 year without opened tank cap.

SAFETY: Non-toxic, non-flammable and environment friendly

PACKING: 1 box contained 4 bottles of 5 liters sealer in case of less than standard Barrel steel Drum (in case of mini mum 1 truck)