Cry-O-Cem Frost & Cold Storage Cement Admixture


\Portland Cry-o-Cem  is a powder additive use in combination with Portland Cement ASTM C 150 type 3 for changing the parameters into ASTM C 671 usage for frost and cold storage cement mortars and concretes. The reason is: the lower freezing temperature, the larger volume expansion according to the figure of concretes dimensional change as a function of temperature otherwise the expansion cause concretes cracks.

         Sample of Mixed designed:

    Portland cement Type 3                                          550 kg/m3

    Fine Sand                                                              800 kg/m3

     8 mm. Gravel Sand                                                1000 kg/m3

 Cry-o-Cem                                                             11 kg/m3

  Mixing Water                                                          190 L/m3 

          Concrete dimensional changes as a function of temperature


Usage:     1 pack of 1kg/1 bag of 50 kg Cement

Packing:  1 box 20 packs 20 kg