Precast Cellular Concrete Admixture


        \PORTLAND CELLULAR  According to ASTM F 2471 Standard Practice for Installation of Thick Poured Lightweight Cellular Concrete Underlayment and Preparation of the Surface to   Receive Resilient Flooring:- The product requirements should be Portland cement base Cellular Concrete (fine and coarse aggregate) with Compressive Strength ≥ 3000 psi (20.7 M Pa) Specific density≥110 p c f (1762 kg/m3)

           Precast Concrete Cast in Plant require Fast Casting Rate, Minimize Production Cost, High Strengths not only Compressive Strength but also Flexural Strength and High Bending Moments for Precast Panel, Precast Floor, Girder, Cantilever or Long span beam and reduce Transportation Cost from Plant to Site.

          \PORTLAND  CELULAR is Admixture for Space Flame Cellular Concrete (including cement, fine and coarse aggregates) create by Gas Generate Admixture to keep the conventional precast mix-design to be lighter approximately 500 kg/m3. The Admixture forming high strength Space Flame Cellular of Portland cement Binder and Ettingite Fiber (3CaO.Al2O3.3CaSO4.32H2O) Composite Concrete that provide High Compressive Strength, High Flexural Strength, and High Bending Moments, to become Accelerate Cellular Concrete de-mold after 2 hours only to eliminate the need of Heating Oven.

         Since the Space Flame Structure by gas generate admixture provide Higher Elongation to Break, High Elasticity, Vibration Resistance and Seismic Earth Quake Energy Absorption than the Conventional Dent Concrete using Water Reducing Admixture.

How to use: Mix dry \portland CELLULAR with cement and aggregates then mix with mixing water.

Dose: 1% of Cement or 1 pack 500g / 1 bag of 50kg Cement

Packing: 1 box  20 kg.