PORTLAND BOND High Bonding Plasticizer


\portland BOND is special high green bonding strength plasticizer admixture for sticking to high slippery casting panel or overhead surface for mortar, masonry, plastering and toweling above the ordinary of Bond Enhancer of standard \portland PLAST ASTM C 1384 Standard Specification for Admixtures for masonry Mortars as Bond Enhancer and Workability Enhancer with Normal Setting Time


Compressive strength, min% of reference

7 day                                                                               85

28day                                                                              85

Water retention, min% of reference                                100

Air content of plastic mortar%                                      ~15

Board life, min% of reference                                         120


Time of setting, allowable deviate from reference

Initial: at least not more than                                         1:00 earlier nor 1:30 later

Final: at least not more than                                          1:00 earlier nor 1:30 later

Flexural bond strength min% of reference                     110


USAGE:          mix to the mixing water then pour to mix with cement and aggregate.

Dosage:         1 pack (100g) per 1 bag (50kg) cement

Packing:        200 packs  per box

Net weight:   20 kg  per box