Company is cement & concrete research institute, producer of nano-concretes catalysts & full line manufacturer of Cement & Concretes Admixtures in Thailand. Including:

A Business to Consumers B2C series of Nano Concretes Admixtures 20g/50kg bag of Cement. Distribute directly to End Consumers around the world by Just-in-Time door to door via Air Courier Service such as DHL within 5 working days.. These products all complied with ASTM Specifications. Single pricing of DDU US$ 990 or Yuan equivalent for China per 1,000 pacts box for 1,000 cement bag of 50 kg or US$ 0.99 or Yuan equivalent per 20 g pact per 1 cement bag of 50 kg. Payment by Pay Pal in U.S.$ or Ali Pay in Yuan.(Coming soon)

Other Business to Business B2B series by L/C with minimum order of 1 pallet by Sea. The stockiest also have the right as our area sole distributor for our products. Including:

A series of 100g/50kg bag of Cement of Conventional Proved cement & concretes Admixtures comply with ASTM Specifications.

A series of 500g/50kg bag of cement for Integration Application Properties such as:

  • Portland Level for Bright, Self Level, & Seamless Floor.
  • Portland Honey Comb for Light Weight Space Frame Closed Cell Concretes.
  • Portland Ultra for Ultra High Performance Concretes Properties.
  • Portland Rapid for Rapid Harden Hydraulic Cement.

        A series of \PORTLAND  Ready to use Packed Dry Cement Mortar & Concrete for convenience to just mix with water and use.

A series of admixture for worldwide manufacturers to Packed their own HOUSE BRAND Ready to Use Cement Mortar & Concrete

By mix: Cement, Sands & Admixtures with Cube Mixer & Packing.

Tailor made to order such as for Mega Projects such as: Oil Well Cement etc.

Also supply related products such as polymers, fiber etc.    

House bands for detail specialty chain stores.





HISTORY:      Established since 1972 as raw cement chemicals producer supplied to manufacturers and have been changed to research institute when Thailand meet economic crisis in 1997. We co-operate with other world-wide research institutes in related intellectual properties especially Nano-Concretes Technology. Now, we manufacture admixtures directly through the end consumers under \portland brand name in both Nano-Series and conventional Standard Series. We stock 44 difference kinds of our own chemicals and buying 56 difference kinds from the market. So we can admix the whole range of chemicals needed to fill in cements and concretes even the Tailor Made one.